NASDA Studios: Sydney Kids Activities

A pocket guide to 130+ of the best kids activities in Sydney. Locate activities by distance, region or alphabetically. Each venue features a photo and venue details.

Sydney Kids Activities provides easy access to detailed venue opening hours, website, location, phone number and email address. Works with the native apps you already have on your iPhone- Maps, Phone, Safari and Mail for an integrated iPhone experience.

Built from the ground up to give you a rich experience, you don't need to open each venue to get a good idea about it. Icons are used to represent the details of the venue within the main venue list. Easily see the type of activity, cost, play equipment, food availability etc! We have also included a 'Must See' icon for activities we think you should definitely visit.

The activities include a variety of parks, zoo's, exhibitions, attractions and sporting, including a large number of free activities.

All venue data has been thoroughly researched by NASDA Studios and is stored locally within the App so you don't need to connect to the internet to view the venues.

Features summary:
★ Sort activities alphabetically, by region, or by distance from your current location.
★ Built from the ground up to provide a rich experience.
★ All data independently researched and stored within the app. Does not pull data from 3rd party websites.
★ Works with the native apps already on your iPhone- Maps, Phone, Safari and Mail.
★ Activity numbers: 28-City, 13-Eastern Suburbs, 7-Inner West, 40-Northern Suburbs, 7-South, 39-West.

Let us know if you would like to request a venue to be added, or to offer feedback:

iPod touch disclaimer: The iPod touch does not support phone dialling. Sorting by distance on the iPod touch may not be accurate due to the lack of GPS in the iPod touch.