NASDA Studios: Gluten Free By Ingredient - Australia and NZ
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Gluten Free By Ingredient determines whether packaged food products sold in Australia and New Zealand are gluten free.

As a general rule people with coeliac disease know not to eat Wheat Barley Oats or Rye- But this alone will not keep you from getting sick. You also need to know the wheat derivatives that are not written as "wheat" on Australian & NZ ingredient lists.

And did you know there are wheat ingredients that people with coeliac disease can eat without getting sick? This app incorporates them, and it's going to dramatically increase your food palette! For instance, there are some Cadbury Chocolate blocks you CAN eat, and there are some regular off the shelf tubs of ice cream you CAN eat! Even though they say wheat on the ingredient list.

This app is not an ingredient or additive list. You don't need a ingredient and additive list to determine if a food product in Aus & NZ contains gluten. This is because packaged food products sold in Australia and New Zealand (including all imported foods) are required to conform with strict food labelling standards. This makes it possible to check whether a product has gluten containing ingredients. You just need to know all the rules, and this app walks you through them.

Now you don't need to spend ten minutes checking every single ingredient against a huge database. With Gluten Free By Ingredient you can safely and accurately work out if a food product is gluten free in less than a minute!

Simply hold the packaged product in one hand, and your iphone/ipod touch in the other to answer a series of simple questions. Gluten Free By Ingredient will then let you know whether the product is gluten free or not.

It is often awkward to have to explain what you can and cannot eat to friends and family. Now you can just tell them to buy this App when shopping or cooking for a Coeliac or those requiring gluten free diet.

It is also great for those visiting Australia or New Zealand who require a gluten free diet. It's a huge relief not to have to worry about what foods are gluten free in a foreign country.

This App was written by an Australian coeliac and the information contained within it conforms with the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code.

If you have an update suggestion for Gluten Free By Ingredient, feedback, or for anything else, please contact us via email:

Further information about coeliac disease can be obtained from your doctor, dietician or your State Coeliac Society.