The Auxiliary Workshop AWOD35 Overdrive is the latest small batch boutique pedal designed by Rob Wolfe.

Circuit design is my passion and over the last four years I have distilled many circuits in my quest for the ultimate versatile overdrive tone.

AWOD35 was designed using the best “circuit blocks” from the prototypes that came before it. Each incarnation had a modified “distortion block”, “tone block” or interconnectivity modifications. Over the years I have experimented with the various “blocks” of boutique and famous pedals, modifying and mixing them with my own designs and then tailoring their interconnectivity to create a unique circuit that I am really excited about.

It’s an evolutionary process that takes time. Each incarnation is designed in circuit design software, tested with circuit analysis software then built on strip board. I then use the prototype for a period of weeks in my studio. New sounds have to become accustomed to. A circuit that sounds awesome on first listen often won’t have longevity, and weeks later I’ll come up with another idea to make the circuit sound even better. With circuit OD35 I can let it sit, come back to it months later and still get blown away.

Whenever you design a circuit you start with ideals about the sound. Should the distortion block be crunchy or have smooth saturation, should the tone block heavily colour the sound or leave it clean. How transparent should the effect be, how much should it push your amp?

Then you have design considerations, like how nicely does it play with a variety of amps? Does it rely on an expensive tube amp or does it sound good by itself? Does it play nicely with humbuckers and single coils? There are so many criteria to be met that can draw the process out.

I wanted a pedal that could go from the soft clipping saturation of a pushed vintage mixing desk through to transparent crunch. I wanted tone controls that could butter up the tone and also strip it back to high end gain to cut through a mix. I also wanted an input buffer that could make your guitar sound pristine, but with the option to disable it if I wanted to get the warmth of the EF86 input tube on one of my favourite amps the 1960 Vox AC15.

In the end it’s a balancing act. Only through experimentation, dedication and time can the desired result be achieved.

The OD35 Overdrive features the following:
*Burr Brown OP2134PA Op-amp in the distortion block
*New Old Stock MIJ Hitachi 1S1588 clipping diodes in the distortion block
*Pre-distortion bass cut and clipping offset modifier (3-Presets Switch)
*Modified Tubescreamer tone controls with broadened “Sweet Spot” and extended reach at both the low and high end of the sweep
*Bootstrapped BiPolar Discreet NPN Input Buffer (Input jack dependant)

No corners were cut in the building of the OD35 Overdrive. It features:
*Soldered and assembled by hand with love (Australia)
*Genuine Hammond aluminium enclosure (Made in Canada)
*Professionally powder-coated (Australia)
*Professionally screen-printed with 2PAC paint (Australia)
*Professionally fabricated PCB (Made in USA)
*3PDT foot switch
*Genuine Davies Moldings Knobs (Made in USA)
*Kobiconn 9V Jack and 9V Battery tray
*Neutrick Moulded Jacks (Input jacks for True Bypass & Buffered Bypass)
*Alpha 24mm Potentiometers

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